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Monday - Thursday:

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*Service in English & French*

At Landmark Hair, ‘Experience’ is the difference

This is an authentic Barber Shop! 

At Landmark Hair ‘Authentic’ equals ‘training
and experience’

it is what makes all the difference. Jean Menard has over 40
years experience, which began with 10 months training at a government Certified
Barber School, followed by one year of apprenticeship under a highly qualified
mentor, achieving a journeyman certification.

What is unique about this? 


There are no longer government certified barber schools in BC, as a result there is no government regulations in place to ensure high industry standards.

A barber pole does not guarantee qualified
Barbers are on the premises

As Landmark has a proven Journeyman our
clients have the assurance that they will be treated professionally and receive
a skilled hair cut